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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last but not the least, my mamas chicken adobo!
I haven’t seen my mom in the last six years and as I ponder on her cooking this simple chicken adobo recipe always tops the list.
Since my husbands yaya is the one cooking our everyday meals, chicken adobo is not one of her regular dishes so its always a treat if I get to eat it.

It’s the ratatouille effect. Every time I take a bite I go into trance and remember me in our tiny dining room, watching my mom experiment in the kitchen then she hands me a hot plate filled with this chicken and sauce that I pour over the hot rice and just eat away.

It was such a simple and happy memory which I wished I could go back to every now and then. But hey I was able to inherit her cooking skills and every time I get mama sick I can just whip up her food. Its not the same but it sure does make me happy. I miss you ma!!

In this recipe I added turmeric but her original recipe doesn’t have any!


1k chicken adobo cut

1tbsp peppercorn

1/4 c vinegar

¼ tsp salt

1 ½ c water

3-4 bay leaves

3 heads garlic chopped

1 c soy sauce

1/2 c sugar

1 tsp. turmeric

1-2 tbsp oil


  • in a bowl ,season chicken pieces with salt and pepper and marinate 1/4 of the soy sauce and garlic. marinate for at least 30 mins.
  • in a pan over medium heat with 1 T oil, fry chicken pieces until golden brown.
  • when pieces are brown pour water and soy sauce and the rest of the marinade and other ingredients into the pan and cover, bring to boil then simmer and lower the heat
  • add the sugar slowly every 5-10 mins and stir. check on the chicken and add water if it reduces too much to avoid burning the sugar.
  • when the sauce is syrupy and the chicken is tender, your adobo is ready to be served! Bon Appetit!


  1. how about papus kitchen recipies.

  2. hahaha!! sure why not....but oh my son calls his dad, dadu not papu!!!

  3. love it sar, but now am here..i use balsamic vinegar for a change...aron pa 'in the states' effect...the best pa gyud hinu-on our
    vinegars there in making adobo...great recipe ...let's compile it sa atong cook book.

  4. sar, i made a comment earlier, but i don't see it...anyway, this is great! but since am now in america, i use balsamic..heheheh pa 'states' effect ba. lets put this in our cookbook, shall we?...delicioso!!!

  5. oooh!!! that adobo looks so good mamu! :) let's do dinner again! :)

  6. how about sinugbang tuloy....does it remind you of someone else other than your mom?

  7. how about sinubang tuloy ..? does it remind you of someone other than your mamu?